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Cosplay craftytiems!

Hey folks, I have another Blue Peter photo chronicle to share with yez all! In a similar fashion to last year's Lisa Basil UMD thingy, it can be once again made mostly from things in your household!

Sooo, today I am making Wendy Oldbag's robotic front panel thing:

First things first, you start off with some foam block from Dunelm Mill for a fiver!

Having chopped it up, I then needed something for the silvery covering to adhere to, as foam's kinda useless for glueing stuff to 'cause it just absorbs it all unless you're using hot glue, and even then that peels away kinda easily.

Cue hard plastic fronting from a sketchbook!

This is from Eckersley's in Brisbane, Aus. Damn, that was a good art shop.

Next comes the silver covering, achieved with trusty tinfoil and stickyback plastic:

I was originally trying to use some silver wrapping paper I had leftover from Christmas but when I tried to glue it, it just buckled and warped. So with the help of the stickyback plastic to stop the tinfoil from wrinkling, I wrapped the foam up like a present and didn't use any glue at all, just double-sided stickytape. I could've just used a block of balsa wood and spraypainted it, but spraypaint and silver paint doesn't really look like shiny metal, it just didn't have the effect that I was after.

Then comes the fun bit, sticking the bits on!

This is a humble VHS cassette - pack of three for £3 in Tesco - which I dismantled and got the tape reels out of. Poor VHS, so unloved in the era of DVD!

And the buttons, made out of some leftover transparent fimo I had from when I was making Lisa. Note how I freely abuse the telephone directory as a paint table. I won't be needing it in three weeks, so I can misuse away! The paint is still drying, hence I haven't stuck them on yet in the next picture:

EDGEYPOOOOOOOOOO! WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU? (For serious, I can't see a thing outta the helmet, it's a miracle I was standing where I'd pointed the camera! XD)

One showing the helmet, though it's a bit out of focus
Yeah, I still need to stick the buttons on, put the sidestraps in and shift it up a bit higher so I can wear a belt beneath the whole thing, but you get the idea! XD

The boiler suit's a lot darker than it looked in the ebay pictures but it's polyester which is apparently really resistant to bleaching, so I think I'll just have to lump it as it is or try and source something better in Glasgow. Also the helmet definitely needs a rim - I've cut some plastic tubing to go over the jaggedy plastic so it doesn't chafe my neck, but I think I'll buy some more plastic tubing and actually glue some around the bottom so it looks less like I'm wearing a ball on my head XD But anyways, progress is progress!

Now to bed, for tomorrow is my driving test. I don't really care about it anymore, I just want it over with and if I haven't passed I'll just do it in Glasgow. But wish me luck anyway!
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